Michelle Mansour Executive Director michelle@rootdivision.org
Lindsay Ellen Howland Education Programs Director education@rootdivision.org
Samantha Reynolds Art Programs Director samantha@rootdivision.org
Carissa Diaz Installations & Site Manager Carissa@Rootdivision.org
Celeste Christie Office & Systems Manager office@rootdivision.org
Phi Tran Design & Marketing Manager PHI@ROOTDIVISION.ORG
Sherwin Rio Exhibitions Fellow exh_fellow@rootdivision.org

Board of Directors

Cynthia Loukides Board Chair
Melody Wang Gillick Vice Chair
Victoria Oliver Board Secretary
Adam J. O'Donnell Board Treasurer
Ray Beldner Board Member
Andrea Crow Board Member
Payal Gupta Board Member
Cynthia Kagay Board Member
Kristin Kaiser Board Member
Ancel Martinez Board Member
Carrie Ann Plank Board Member
Adam Polakoff Board Member
Sarah Ratchye Board Member
Elena Patiño Alumni Artist Representative
Margaret Timbrell Studio Artist Representative
Nathan Suter Co-Founder / Emeritus Board Member
Mitch Temple Co-Founder / Emeritus Board Member

Curatorial Committee

Alongside the staff and board members, our Curatorial Committee share the organization’s values and commitment to art, artists, and creativity. They are comprised of Root Division Board members, affiliate artists, and prominent members of the arts community.

Michael Arcega Artist. Advisory Council
Anh Bui Root Division Studio Artist
Amy Cancelmo Curator, Art Historian
Kevin B. Chen Artist; Curator; Manager of Artist Studio and Public Programs, de Young Museum
Samuel Cortez Alumni Studio Artist & Former Installation & Site Manager
Rhiannon Evans MacFadyen Artist Consultant; Founder & Director of A Simple Collective; Co-Director, Emerging Arts Professionals
Jacqueline Francis Advisory Council
Michelle Mansour Root Division Executive Director
Raphael Noz Root Division Studio Artist; Former Latino Teaching Artist Fellow, 2013-14
Samantha Reynolds Root Division Art Programs Manager
Sarah Ratchye Artist, Root Division Board Member
Donna Enad Napper Art Consultant

Advisory Council

Advisory Council members offer expertise and support on various events, projects, and tasks throughout the year. Areas of expertise and support include Marketing, Fundraising, Special Event Planning, Curatorial, Educational, and Operational (Legal, Financial, Human Resources, Technical/ IT Support).

Michael Arcega
Justin Hoover, MFA
Raphael Noz
Heather Bernard
Ryan Jones*, MFA
Ramekon O'Arwisters
Elise Boivin
Spike Kahn
Janine Okmin
Kevin B. Chen, MFA
Waikee Kwan
Adam Palokoff, JD
Susa Cortez*
Emily Lakin
Mel Prest, MFA
Elizabeth Crawford
Marcus G. Lee
Julie Richter
Geoff Etnire, JD
Boris Lieberman, JD
Morgan Schauffler
Amber Goldstein
Tom Loughlin*, MFA
Julia Schafer
Brett Greenberg, JD
Rhiannon Macfayden
Kate Stirr*, MFA
Victoria Heilweil, MFA
Reed Mayfield
Sharon Tanenbaum
Dana Hemenway*, MFA
Conrad M. Meyers II*
Maysoun Wazwaz
(*RD Studio Alum)


Interns & Volunteers

We offer internships in the following areas: Education, Exhibitions, Organization , and Visual Communications.
To learn more about ways to get involved visit our Volunteer page.

Kathya Mitchell Lopez, Education Intern
Alice Norrell, Education Intern
Brie Silva, Exhibitions Intern
Sandra Liu, Exhibitions Intern
Ely Gann, Installations Intern
Em Miller, Installations Intern
Angelina Healy, Marketing Intern
Giana Gayles, Design Intern
Gladys Ochoa, Organizational & Special Events Intern