In her most recent drawings, Jenny begins each piece by looking outside her studio, hunting in the larger world for textures, surfaces and objects that she finds enigmatic. From gravestones, tree trunks, sidewalks or objects in her home, she makes rubbings. Then in her studio, she works off these indexical marks, adding her personal sensibility to transform the physical tracings into her own drawings. The initial markings from the rubbings become remnants, artifacts even, within the drawing, and conjure memories from her life, and the lives she imagines for others.

Jenny Salomon grew up in Connecticut and received her B.A. from Brown University in 1998 and her B.F.A. from School of Visual Arts in 2004. Her work has been shown at Postmasters Gallery, New York, NY; Frederieke Taylor Gallery, New York, NY; On Stellar Rays, New York, NY; Momenta Art, Brooklyn, NY; Aljira, a Center for Contemporary Art, Newark, NJ; and Bluetenweiss-Berlin, Berlin, Germany.