Artist Statement: 
One of the primary goals of my art practice is to acknowledge and explore the fullness of humanity, the all too human, the capacity for good, bad, and, more often than not, normal. The experience of consciousness is one of confusion, beauty, and longing for meaningful connection. In that spirit, my work has taken shape as paintings, often group portraits, that capture the desire for community that plays itself out in the everyday. The explicit subject matter includes the cashier’s counter at a taqueria, the refrigerated aisle of a grocery store, a party in a park, and wholly imagined spaces. The work shows particular moments in our lives, and through that I hope to create familiar yet ambiguous spaces for the viewer to place themselves. My paintings try to show people as they are, or at least how they feel, and in doing so builds a relationship with the audience. I want my work to create a space where nobody belongs but because of that, everyone belongs. The starting point for the paintings are either directly from a singular photograph or from a collage compiled through found imagery. The photographic images, with its immediacy, get synthesized through the more meditative medium of painting to arrive at uncanny compositions. In the working of the new image through painting, one of the important relationships that change is between the space being represented and its representation. A photograph, with its direct physical relationship to its representation, points towards a very specific time and place. In the process of reworking the image through painting, which restructures the image in a more abstracted way, much of the specificity is lost. However, in that vacuum there is room for the spectator to bring their own life experience. The painting becomes a vessel for thoughts, feelings, assumptions, and expectation.