Wish List

Wish List

Root Division is delighted to accept gently used items, including office and studio equipment, computers and electronics, art and teaching supplies, and other miscellaneous items.


17 in iMacs with Retina Display
MacBook Pro laptops w/ Retina display (capable of running Mavericks or newer iOS)
8 Apple accessories for MacBook Pro Laptops and iMacs (adapters, chargers, wireless keyboards)
1 Large Format Photo Printers (44” W)
1 Large Format Photo Printers (24” W)
Color laser printer
1 Large Format Scanner (24” W)
6 Final Cut Pro/ Adobe Premiere
6 Adobe Creative Suite
6 CAD program (Autodesk, Rhino, etc)
1 Digital Projector 
2-3 Digital Cameras 
2-3 Digital Video Cameras
2 Hard drives/ back up drives
1 Light Kit
2 Media Players



2 3-D Printers
1 Laser Cutter
1 CNC Machine
1 Vinyl Plotter
2 Dust Extractors / Dust Collector Bags
1 Table Saw
1 Mitre Chop Saw
1 Band Saw
2 Jig Saws
1 Drill Press (1) / 2 Cordless drills w/ drill bits & battery packs
1 Pressure Washer
Misc Hand Tools (hammers, saws, levels, etc)
2 Tool storage carts 1 Shop vac


1 Large format Paper Cutter (30"+)
1 Vacuum cleaner
1 Rolling utility carts


If you are interested in making a donation please contact us by writing to giving@rootdivision.org or call 415.863.7668.

Prefer to make a monetary donation to help us purchase these items? Great! Donate online today!