Auction 2019 Participating Artists

HOST & VIP: 6 PM | EVENT 7-10 PM

Collect art, support arts education, and be inspired by artists at Root Division's largest annual fundraising event! We are proud to feature an eclectic mix of high quality artwork from over 150 established and emerging Bay Area artists , including a great selection of rising stars! Proceeds benefit local artists, free art classes for Bay Area youth, and the continued success of Root Division's unique model for keeping artists working in the heart of San Francisco. 



Pilar Agüero-Esparza
Amy Ahlstrom
Laura Alexander
Robin Apple 
Alexis Arnold
Claire Astrow**
Alyssa Aviles*
Alexandra Bailliere
Jamie Banes
Marcia Barrow Taylor
Ana Bedolla**
Ray Beldner
JD Beltran + Scott Minneman
Elizabeth Bernstein**
Libby Black
Ross Bleckner 
Cynthia Brannvall
Pegan Brooke
Julie Brookman
Lizzy Brooks**
Nancy D. Brown
Suzie Buchholz
Robert Buelteman
Natalya Burd
Bridgette Burns
Rafael Bustillos*

Natasha Carlos**
Carissa Potter Carlson
Jerry Carniglia
John Casey
Enrique Chagoya
Kevin B. Chen
Windy Chien

Aliza Cohen
Alice Combs**
Jodi Connelly

Jamie Corley
Samuel Cortez**
Michael Cutlip
Pablo D'Antoni
Rohan DaCosta
Rea Lynn de Guzman**
Robin Denevan
Carissa Diaz
Dyanna Dimick 
Zai Divecha  
Kira Dominguez Hultgren  
Margaret Dorfman 
Kathryn Dunlevie
Rachel Dwan
Salome El*
Carmina Eliason
Amy Ellingson
Eva Enriquez
Liam Everett
Rodney Ewing
Sophie Feuer*
Jeremy Fish
Matthew Floriani**

Peter Foucault
Hunter Franks*
Garth Fry 
Michael Gabrielle 

Joan Karissa Gallego 
Nimah Gobir**
Michael Goldman

JD Green*
Courtney Griffith*
Benjamin Guffee
Sarah Haba

Laura Hapka
Makiko Harris*
Teraneh Hemami
Dana Hemenway**

Liz Hickok
Amy M. Ho
nif hodgson
Kiana Honarmand*
Lutz Hornischer 
Melissa Hutton**
Scott Idleman
Clint Imboden
Kelly Inouye
Jeremiah Jenkins**

Ryan Jones**
Kacy Jung*
Maya Kabat
Andrzej Michael Karwacki 
Amy Kaufman 
Rebecca Kaufman**
Andrew Kleindolph
Jaime Knight
Nathan Kosta
Michael Krouse**
Eric Larson
Evie Leder
Carrie Lederer
Meredith Leich**

Kerith Lisi
Hung Liu
Rachel Liu
Sandra Liu*
dani lopez*
Cathy Lu**
Kija Lucas**
Whitney Lynn**
Rhiannon Evans MacFayden

Camila Magrane
Nick Maltagliati*
Michelle Mansour
Kara Maria
Vanessa Marsh
ChiChai Mateo*
Shara Mays
Michael McConnell
Thomas McKnight

Jenna Meacham
Paul Merryman
Masako Miki
Robert Minervini**
Vincent Miranda
Anoushka Mirchandani
Doris Mitsch
Yvette Molina
Megan Moriarty*
Bonny Nahmias*
Danielle Nanni*
Michael Napper
Kate Nartker**
Raphael Noz**
Kelley O’Leary**
AJ Oishi
Kelly Ording
Ni Pan
Erik Parra
Francesca Pastine

Jenny Phillips
Yulia Pinkusevich
Carrie Ann Plank
Terry Powers
Mel Prest
Nicholas Price**
Genevieve Quick 
Tana Quincy Arcega
Amanda Quiroz
Hadley Radt
Arielle Rebek**
Rachelle Reichert**
Christopher Reiger**
Philip Ringler
Sherwin Rio
Blanca Estela Rodríguez**
Matt Rogers

Rachel Rogers
Stephanie Rohlfs
Leah Rosenberg
Aaron Rosenstreich
Blaise Rosenthal
Byron Ryono
Laura Sanford*

Hiroshi Sato
Zach Searcy*
courtney sennish

Azin Seraj
Jenn Shifflet
Meghan Shimek
Palija Shresta*
Brian Singer
Jessica Snow
Joshua Solis*
Lisa Solomon
Piero Spadaro
Lucy Stark**
Stephanie Steiner-Jacobi
Inez Storer*

Lindsay Stripling**
tamara suarez porras
Kevin Earl Taylor**
Tracy Taylor Grubbs
Tallulah Terryll
Chris Thorson**
Margaret Timbrell*
Angelica Turner*
Ben Venom
Katherine Vetne**
Crystal Vielula
Camilo Villa*
Ven Voisey
Catherine Wagner
Travis Weller
Gerald Wiggins
Hadley Williams
Ealish Wilson
Pamela Ybañez

Amber Jean Young
Ruxue Zhang*
Minoosh Zomorodinia

*Root Division Studio Artist
**Root Division Alum


At the Host Level, you can amplify your support while experiencing this event to the fullest!

  • First to view the artwork at 6 PM!
  • More time in the artist studios (6:00-7:45 PM).
  • Exclusive access to the Diamond Lounge.
  • Reserved seating for the Live Auction.
  • Includes all VIP benefits: complimentary valet parking from 6-10 PM, passed appetizers and specialty cocktails, and a limited-edition artist-designed tote filled with goodies and gifts!
  • Plus tickets to our Collector's Preview on October 15.
  • A generous part of your contribution is tax-deductible!

PRESALE: $150 
(through Oct 21)  
EARLY BIRD: $125 (through Aug 31) 

As a VIP, experiencing this event to the fullest!

  • Early entrance at 6:00 PM.
  • More time in the artist studios (6:00-7:45 PM).
  • A limited-edition artist designed tote filled with goodies and gifts.
  • Complimentary valet parking from 6-10 PM.
  • Plus all of the Event Level Benefits listed below.

PRESALE: $60 (through Oct 21)  
EARLY BIRD: $50 (through Aug 31) 

As our guest, you have access to all the fun!

  • General entry to the event starts at 7 PM.
  • Sneak peek into our studios (7-7:45 PM).
  • A chance to bid in our Silent Auction.
  • Food, cocktails, live music, and more!
  • (Valet parking is available for a fee.)

Can't attend the event?
We'd still love your support!

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See who's
on board!


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