(Image: Bonny Nahmias, Kapara, archival digital print, 2020)

The Frank-Ratchye Project Space presents Shirat Ha’Yam (שִירַת הַיָּם) a new body of work by Bonny Nahmias. Shirat Ha’Yam is an online and dispersed exhibition that examines the healing properties of the sea. It is said that people tend to go to the sea when they feel sad and that explains why the sea is salty. It is also said that the sea is the place where one can purify and shed their sins away. There are infinite tales, poems, and songs about the sea, some which this exhibition will explore. Shirat Ha’Yam / Song Of The Sea, is a biblical poem that is chanted every sunrise during morning prayer. It renounces the miracle that happened when Moses parted the sea in half and praises God’s ability to save the Israelites from the Egyptians—by doing so, this guaranteed the Israelites freedom at last. 

In times of lock down, collective fear, and an inability to attend art shows, Nahmias is offering a piece of freedom and sharing—though an art-object brought directly to you. Viewers will be given the opportunity to exhibit part of the show at their home by answering a collective question: “What dream did you have at sea?”  In response the artist will mail participants a small artwork. More details will be available on the online portion of the exhibition.

Nahmias’s solo exhibition Shirat Ha’Yam will be on view from January 7-22, 2021 on Root Division Virtual Gallery.

More about Bonny Nahmias: Bonny is an artist and educator based in Penn Valley, California. Her work investigates the diversity of conflicts within the social realms, from global conflicts to intimate ones. This interest comes from her experience growing up on a battleground; Israel. She pursues concepts that convey the variables in which conflicts start and ultimately find resolution. Her interdisciplinary practice includes sculpture, video, performance, and social practice. Fascinated by human migration, the overall themes of her work repeats the notion of movement, gathering, and exchange.
The Frank-Ratchye Studio Artist Project Space provides a gallery for Root Division artists to connect and engage in dialogue around the work being made on site, and to exhibit their art to the public. The Project Space is located on our rear mezzanine, and is free and open to the public during gallery hours in conjunction with the current exhibition. This space is made possible with the generous support of Ed Frank and Sarah Ratchye.