(Image: Melissa Wang, Without the Stars There Would Be No Us, 2021, Wood, mirror, mylar, foil, 36x48x1.5 in)

The Frank-Ratchye Project Space presents Without The Stars, There Would Be No Us a new body of work by Melissa Wang. Without The Stars, There Would Be No Us imagines the cosmos in expansion, accreting astronomical objects to produce the celestial bodies that we see today. Mirror sculptures on mylar grids reference the farsighted view of Lee Bul’s Civitas Solis II, modeling proportions of time and space that the human mind can only dream of, while demarcating the longings and limits of our civilization. Within this installation, the painting Dying Red speculates on the end of heliocentrism in our solar system—and life on Earth as we would know it. These encounters reflect the banality of human exceptionalism and the significance of meaning-making in a universe where our lives are merely cosmic dust.

Wang’s solo exhibition Without The Stars, There Would Be No Us will be on view from February 1 - 27, 2021 on the Root Division Virtual Gallery.


More about Melissa Wang: Melissa Wang is a self-taught artist. She studied writing at the University of California, San Diego and received her M.A. in English from the University of California, Davis. She researched literature through the lens of race and gender as a PhD candidate at UC Davis before segueing into tech, where she designed visual content for companies like Facebook and Google. Since 2017, she has participated in group shows in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Her artwork can be found in private and corporate collections throughout the US. Currently, she lives and works in San Francisco as a full-time artist.
The Frank-Ratchye Studio Artist Project Space provides a gallery for Root Division artists to connect and engage in dialogue around the work being made on site, and to exhibit their art to the public. The Project Space is located on our rear mezzanine, and is free and open to the public during gallery hours in conjunction with the current exhibition. This space is made possible with the generous support of Ed Frank and Sarah Ratchye.