Pricing + Selling Your Art

Martha Zlatar, Artist Success Coach
1 class meeting / Wednesday, February 26
6:30 PM to 9:30 PM

In this 3 hour workshop, we will address how to price and sell your art - two very crucial skills for artists to succeed.

- Learn the most common misconceptions and fears artists have about pricing and how to overcome them.
- Discover the top 10 guidelines for pricing art that will demystify and facilitate the process.
- Learn key pricing formulas used in the art world that will help you price your art more systematically and consistently.
- Identify limiting beliefs preventing you from selling more art.
- Learn a whole new paradigm for selling that feels more authentic and fun.
- Acquaint yourself with the 8 stages of selling from starting conversations with potential buyers all the way to closing the sale and follow up.
- Practice speaking about your art in a way that is compelling so that buyers lean in and connect deeper with the work.
- Get tips and ideas on how to cultivate collectors.

This is an interactive workshop with group exercises and discussion. Fill-in-the-blank handouts will be provided for participants to take notes.