Ronaldo Reyes

Ronaldo started out his career as a Zoo Keeper at the Oakland Zoo but after some self reflection and a deep conversation with Abby the Chimpanzee. Ronaldo decided to go back to school to get his Art History Degree. Graduating from San Francisco State University with a BFA. He started his museum career at SFO Museum where he learned to cut, glue, saw, melt, hammer, spackle, mount, nail, bend, wire, pack, screw, crate, wrap, paint, sand, light, drill, and hang it. Over the course of his career starting at SFO Museum and moving on to Oakland Museum of California Art, then Sonoma Valley Museum of Art and finally at Root Division, He has installed all manner of artwork in which he has laughed, begged, smiled, cursed, screamed, bleed, and cried over. As the the Installation Manager at Root Division Ronaldo eagerly awaits the next install challenge and to prove that there is no artwork that cannot be safe and securely displaced to the public. In his free time, Ronaldo enjoys eating donuts, archery, working on classic cars and searching for the Infinity Stones with his daughter Quinn!

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