Aizik Brown


I am Aizik “Aik” Brown, born and raised in Sacramento, CA now based out of Oakland, CA. I attended Humboldt State University where I studied Studio Art with an emphasis in painting. I am an Artist and Art Educator who has a strong background working with K-12 and adults in all ages. I hope to one day travel around the world to create murals, teach, and be a service to individuals, communities, and organizations through social artistic impact and art education.

Artist Statement

My style of art is what I like to call intuitive abstraction with elements of graffiti, cartoons, nature, human figures, multicultural representations, and tribal designs. Creating art allows me to check out from the world by bringing peace, love, happiness, and freeness to my well-being. Though my work provides a sense of peace, love, and happiness it also deals with and discusses societal issues around race, politics, gender, representation, and more. The mediums that I use for my art varies from; acrylics, spray paint, watercolors, ink, and pencils on paper, wood panels, or canvas surfaces.

Selected Work

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