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2nd-5th Grade Students, Mission Education Center, Painting Poppies, 2022, Tempera on Paper Plates Installed on Gallery Wall, 10 x 8 feet
Instructor: Alma Leppla, 2021-22 Latinx Teaching Artist Fellow
Nurture Creativity in Bloom…

As we reflect on the past year,  we are thankful for your help as we continue to support our community-minded artists and artist-minded community. We are continuing to empower artists to amplify art’s positive impact and inspire youth. We affirm that artists are an essential part of any thriving community—as storytellers, visionaries, and interpreters—sowing seeds of promise that bloom into better futures for all.

Root Division awards emerging artists with studio space and valuable resources in exchange for volunteering. Despite the challenges of reopening, we have welcomed back visitors and students, continued accepting a diverse cohort of artists and fellows into the program, and hosted a fantastic 20-Year Anniversary Celebration. And best of all, our artists and fellows are back in classrooms teaching free art classes to youth in eight partner programs—continuing our investment in nurturing creative possibilities in youth

We would be grateful for your support at any level — $100, $500, $2500 — to help us nourish our dynamic ecosystem. Your donation keeps our programming accessible, puts dollars directly in the hands of artists and teachers, and opens the door to creativity and inspiration for all. 

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Michelle Mansour + the Root Division Team






Provides art supplies for 5 underserved students


Underwrites free art classes for one child for the semester


Subsidizes the studio of one of our volunteer artists for one month


Sustains key teacher training and professional development for artists.


Invests in new technology.


Funds a Studio Fellowship for an aspiring artist.


Makes a dedicated commitment to keeping artists in San Francisco.

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