Grace Jin


Grace Jin is an artist and medical student based in San Francisco. Born in Ohio but raised in Zhejiang, China by her grandparents, a traditional Chinese medicine physician and Chinese calligrapher, Grace uses painting, calligraphy, installation and bookmaking to create altars for healing in the Sino-diaspora. Grace received a BA in Global Affairs from Yale, is currently at Stanford School of Medicine, and will be pursuing a MFA at California College of the Arts.

Artist Statement

I am learning how to transform pain. Tend to wounds that capitalism left on our soft bodies. Grieve pathologies for which medicine has no answer—chronic pain, mental illness, geopolitical catastrophe, kinship defined by absence. Drawing wisdom from Taoist cosmology, traditional Chinese medicine, decolonial and intersectional feminist theory, my practice is a quest to collapse borders between the personal and political, and in the act of mourning, cultivate new communities around diasporic joy and radical worldbuilding.

Selected Work

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