Mask-Making Workshop With Omar Navia and Samu Cortez

Venue: 1131 Mission Street

Join Trueque curator Samu Cortez and collaborator Omar Navia for a mask-making workshop on Jan. 21 from 5-6pm. Exploring the notion of trueque: exchange and reciprocity beyond our current economic structure. Guests are encouraged to make masks from simple objects as a means of connecting with others and to create ritual exchanges from everyday & familiar objects.

Guests are encouraged to bring with them paper, pencil, scissors, glues, and even a paper folder if possible.

Register below to receive a Zoom link for the virtual event.


Curated by Samu Cortez, Trueque Pt. I showcases the work of eight artists from the Bay Area and Mexico to imagine reciprocal systems of exchange beyond the lens of our current capitalist paradigm. Oftentimes, when we think about exchange, we think about an equal monetary trade for goods. But what are the implications when exchange happens without following the guidelines of that system? What happens, when alternatively, there is an exchange of memories, cultures, feelings, shared knowledge, or physical goods with others?

Trueque Pt. I will be on view in our online gallery from January 7 – 25, 2021 and paves the way for Trueque Pt. II which will explore exchange across boundary and border, in real time and space, coming in 2022.


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