Alice Combs


After a 90s childhood spent in Rochester, NY and after completing a biology degree in 2008, Alice Combs moved to San Francisco for an MFA. With a little bit of research and a little bit of humor, she works in diverse--mostly scavenged-- media from sculpture to drawing to ephemeral barely-there installations of hair, highlighting the breakdown of everyday rules and objects. She lives, works, and gardens in San Francisco in an intentional community with others who believe art is worth doing.

Artist Statement

The impetus for most of my work comes from the misinterpretation of unspoken rules. I then develop processes that employ tedium, humor, ready-made materials, and personal history to make works that visually ignore those unspoken rules. Working in diverse media from traditional oil painting to ephemeral barely-there installations of my hair, I highlight the weirdness of everyday rules and objects. Weirdness and humor are free to question oppressive systems of thought and action that are often invisible to natives of American Capitalism, like myself.

Selected Work

Nozzle Test
Nozzle Test
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