Ben Kellgren


Born and raised in Petaluma, California, Ben Kellgren began his Arts education at Santa Rosa Junior College, where he focused on printmaking. Kellgren then transferred to Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland, Oregon, and graduated in 2009 with a BFA in Intermedia Design, with a focus in photography and video. At home in San Francisco, his new work draws from his printmaking roots, creating bold, energetic images through physical, laborious mark making.


In his latest body of work, Ben Kellgren employs a simple, painstaking technique of stippling ink with acrylic pens to create organic, abstract imagery. Drawing from the dynamic natural setting of his native Bay Area, Kellgren slowly builds depth and tension into each meditative work. He allows the image to surface gradually through hours of dot making to convey a sense of energy and movement.

Artist Statement

Selected Work

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