Benny Siam


benny siam is a southeast asian and latinx Trans artist creating radical images that center the boundless importance of Trans femininity. through painting, photographic intervention, and photo collage they are able to explore the deeply personal yet simultaneous public act of being Transgender and non-binary. benny’s practice is informed by research and a deep interest in queer, feminist, and critical theory, particularly by writers like bell hooks, audre lorde, anne anlin cheng, and sarah ahmed. their artistic practice hopes to remind viewers that these questions of decolonization, anti-racism, anti-capitalism, all have extremely tangible(and often life-threatening) consequences for marginalized communities.

Artist Statement

their work seeks to create tension between that which is legible and illegible, recognizable and unidentifiable. most recently, benny uses anne anlin cheng’s framework of ornamentalism to generate new visual modes of Trans feminine survival. through her work, benny envisions new and beautiful ways of being, a reflection on revolutionary hope and radical potential.

Selected Work

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