Cayla Salvador


Cayla Harris was raised in the Sierra Foothills of California and continues to find solitude and sanity in nature. Cayla achieved her degree in Studio Art from San Francisco State University in 2013 and plans on pursuing her Masters in Art Therapy in the near future. She is interested in the notions of home and how we create our own environments both consciously and subconsciously as individuals.

Cayla lives and works in San Francisco.


I was raised by family of woodworkers in the foothills who constantly puttered around the wood shop teaching me valuable skills as well as masked life lessons. From a young age my grandpa suited me up with my own tool bag, tiny goggles, and miniature hammer.

Today I am interested in structures, cabins in particular, and the idea of home being an ever changing notion rather than an a confined place. With that in mind I have started exploring and mapping the world I choose to surround myself with while living in a city.

Our choice of surroundings is fascinating. The house we grew up in to the color we see outside our window every morning, where we choose to settle in, whether the train shakes our house or not, knick-knacks, wall paint, books, carpet, trash on the street: all of it will inevitably shape us. These ideas and processes keep me digging and I try to keep them in the forefront of my mind while creating my work.

Artist Statement

Selected Work

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