Dominique Birdsong


Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, I was initially drawn to veterinary sciences, growing up with the idea that I'd become a veterinarian. However, life is filled with many uncertainties that are beyond one's control.

These uncertainties led me to embrace art as both a desire and a necessity. I completed my BA at Humboldt State University, and there, I made the decision that becoming an artist would be my ultimate pursuit. This realization and desire propelled me to pursue a Master of Fine Arts at the San Francisco Art Institute, and I received an MFA in 2021.

Artist Statement

My artistic practice is an introspective voyage of exploration and vulnerability, created within my recent body of work titled “The Consequences of Consciousness. This body of work is an invitation to the viewer into the depths of my emotions. Each material within my work is carefully chosen to resonate with the narrative I seek to convey. The soft materials I use-yarn, fabric, poly fiber fill-are intentionally selected to create a cocoon of comfort within the realm of my agony. Through these tactile materials, I construct a safe space in which to share my vulnerabilities, inviting the viewer to engage with the intricate layers of my emotional landscape.

The choice of the colors red and blue are purposeful, they represent the somberness, agony, rage, and the uncertainty of existence. However, I’ve discovered a new dimension in my artistic voyage, incorporating gradients of color. These newfound palettes transcend the boundaries of my sadness. The gradients represent the subtle emergence of happiness within the somberness, offering a glimmer of light in the emotional complexity of my work. While each piece within my body of work may appear distinct, they engage in conversation with one another. Together they form a collective narrative that tells the story of self. Artworks that include portraiture, writings and sculpture, serve as a translation of myself=portrait.

As my work evolves, I seek to capture the transformative power of art, where somberness gives way to small yet significant bursts of happiness. And to build a deeper connection with my audience through shared human experiences.

Selected Work

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