“I am a secret aspiring comedian. My work walks the line between illustration and fine art. I am interested in creating work that tells a story but leaves space for the viewer to write in his or her own interpretation.”
- Holly Coley

Holly Coley is an emerging Bay Area artist born in Bellflower California.
A mixed media artist, Holly works primarily in painting, drawing, and ceramics. She is currently working on publishing a collection of illustrations that explore themes related to work “The Phone Line to the Internet”, a ceramic project called “500 Spirits” and completing a large body of work called “Ocean Drawings.”
Holly earned her BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute and San Francisco State University. She has exhibited her work in and around San Francisco and is a volunteer and activist in the art community there. Holly is a teaching artist for Kaleidoscope Youth (Art Span) and an artist-in-residence at Root Division.

Holly lives and works in San Francisco.


Ocean Drawings 2014

These works talk about holding on and letting go. I create tension and then let it move in it’s own unique direction, sometimes recording every move on video. This creation process is very pure and spontaneous, I get paper wet and watch what happens next. My intention is to make visual recordings of this exploration, in a traditional fine art technique, without alienating the viewer.