Ignacio Rojas


I was born in Chile in 1978 migrated to Australia in 2001 and moved to San Francisco in June 2016. I have a double background in fine arts and sociology. I have exhibited in more than thirty solo and group exhibitions as well as being finalist in numerous art competitions. I have worked as an art teacher in several art schools and in socially inclusive artistic programs as well as in different universities as a research assistant and project officer including at RMIT University, Victoria University and The University of Melbourne.
My latest body of work was inspired by a deep theoretic engagement with the notion of identity, which is inherently layered. These paintings belong to my PhD research series on Australian identity from a post-colonial migrant perspective. Through a combination of landscape, cityscape and double portrait painting I explored issues of cultural appropriation, mimicry and belonging as a migrant Australian.
I consider art as a medium for social change and cultural diversity is the centre of my practice

Artist Statement

Selected Work

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