Josie Licavoli


Josie Licavoli, a multimedia artist and educator from the Bay Area, explores diverse cultural identities, drawing from her mixed-race heritage. Inspired by San Francisco, the California coast, and various art forms such as music and literature, her work delves into human experiences, merging personal introspection with collective knowledge. Josie's art bridges private and public realms, inviting viewers to engage with the rich tapestry of Filipino and American culture, fostering connection and dialogue.

Artist Statement

Josie's artistic journey traverses the intersection of diverse cultures, drawing inspiration from the vibrant city of San Francisco along with the Redwoods and biodiversity along the California coast.

Embracing her identity as a mixed race American with Filipino heritage, she utilizes her experiences as a wellspring of creativity. Josie's artistic sensibility intertwines with her deep appreciation for literature, film, and music. These influences shape her exploration of beauty, emotion, and the complex nuances of human experiences.

Josie's creative process is rooted in introspection, reflecting on personal traumas, and paying homage to the artistic legacies of those who came before her. Through her work, she endeavors to honor and uplift her cultural heritage, infusing it with contemporary perspectives and narratives.

Within her practice, Josie weaves together individual identity and collective knowledge, creating artworks that occupy a unique space between the private and the public. Her pieces serve as invitations, beckoning viewers into a liminal realm where personal narratives intertwine with shared experiences. These visual explorations evoke a sense of connection and resonance, celebrating the rich diversity of the Filipino experience while fostering dialogue and understanding.

Selected Work

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