Leigh Ann Coleman


Born and raised in Long Beach, I have been living in the Bay Area for the past 6 years and attended San Francisco State University, graduating in December 2014. There, my studies dove into a wide range of medias and art history. Through combining all of these studio skills, I create mixed media art works (using textiles/fibers, drawing, painting, digital, & video in my work). My knack for combining creative avenues came from my grandmother - who was always sewing, painting, drawing - constantly making.

I draw inspiration from the minds of scientists, programmers, and physicists. I interlace their ideas, by putting humanity into cosmic perspectives. My curiosity to fully grasp physiological theories in a visual sense has steered me to view art making as a scientific process, experimenting with ideas and materials. As an art educator, I am fascinated by how directions could be creatively interpreted in multiple ways. I experiment with this concept in my artwork

Artist Statement

I create contemporary landscapes by mapping from other perspectives—putting personal scale into micro v.s. macro perspectives. My goal is to remind the people how small they are, and additionally, how beautiful and infinite the possibilities of universe are. I am interested in an idea - that the cosmos stretch from within the make-up of our bodies (i.e. biology, cells, genetic make-up…tiny universes) to outside our bodies (i.e. the physical world, and beyond).

Selected Work

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