Melissa Hutton


Melissa Hutton is a painter, graphic designer, printmaker and heart breaker. She grew up in Fort Lauderdale, FL where the sun is hot and the boys are hotter. Spring Break in the 80's, baby! After graduating high school and roaming around for a few years, she finally got her shit together and hooked up with the circus. OK, not really, but she did get accepted to Ringling School of Art & Design where she stayed focused for over a year studying ceramics, printmaking and organizing the first fine arts group. But when San Francisco called, she said yes. Who would say no? She now holds a well earned BFA degree in printmaking and film from The San Francisco Art Institute. She currently lives and works out of her home studio in Napa, CA with her cat, Buffy (the name came with the cat).

Artist Statement

Melissa uses a variety of methods and materials such as screen printing, acrylics, and spray paints to get the desired effects. She approaches each piece as if it were a still frame. A snapshot in time that tells stories of her own life experiences and general life observations. Some of her most well-known pieces are pop-inspired panoramas and highways slicing through farm fields.

Selected Work

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