Mitch Temple was born and raised in Merced, California. He attended Georgetown University, where he studied Literature and Government, and also played baseball before graduating in 1995. After spending a year teaching in South Africa, he decided to move to San Francisco to pursue an art career. He won a fellowship to attend the San Francisco Art Institute and entered their master’s program, where he finished in the winter of 2002. For the last three years he has been showing regularly in local galleries. He has also been the curator of a number of art fundraisers for youth organizations in the city and is a founder of Root Division, a nonprofit arts organization designed as a studio space and after school program for the arts. He lives and paints full time in San Francisco.


Mitch Temple's recent oil paintings depict a carnival of people and places. His painterly subjects include circus performers, park scenes, nightscapes, moody interiors, playgrounds, and a giant bird. A strong sense of fun informs these pictured games of depth, scale, light and color. His striking scenes are created through a variety of source images. He uses anything from found photos to still images culled from his recent film. He is attracted to the nature of an image as an organizing principle and enjoys putting it in play with the act of painting. The process puts his mind at work on the border between conscious and unconscious action. These paintings spark the pleasure of experiencing order and liberties simultaneously.