John-Mark Ikeda


I am interested in the ways that myth is used to communicate, order and represent reality. We are taught to understand the world through abstract stories and concepts, such as fairytales, religion and science. Mythic notions of reality permeate our lives, deceiving us into believing that the world is "knowable". My art practice explores the multifaceted nature of myth through juxtaposition and inversion. Symbols and texts are combined, dissected and scrutinized in order to illustrate our problematic relationship to them. In my recent work, I use the symbol of the business suit to illustrate the moment when myths deteriorate. As a metaphor for our feelings towards a failed economy, the suit becomes a disempowered object. Disassembled, manipulated and analyzed we demonstrate mastery over it and the ideas represented within it. In the end though, we desire to rebuild the mythic quality of the suit; from it's fragments, back into a social symbol of power.

Artist Statement

Selected Work

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