Palija Shrestha is from Kathmandu, Nepal and currently resides in San Francisco. While holding a full scholarship, Shrestha received her Masters in Fine Arts Degree at California College of the Arts in 2019, and studied Bachelor of Arts, Studio Art in Hollins University in 2014. Shrestha was a finalist of the Barclay Simpson Award, was nominated for the Headlands Residency Award, the Vermont Studio Center Fellow and has received the Betsy Richardson Boney Scholarship, Claudia W. Belk Scholar Award, and Figg Belk Scholarship Award.
Shrestha’s practice is based upon the term ‘in-between’ taken from Homi K. Bhabha, “Location of Culture”. With materiality and the term ‘in-between’ as content within her work, Shrestha hones her practice in various medias including, but not limited to: painting, installation and performance.

Artist Statement: 
My primary exploration concerns positioning my identity, my body, in relation to its conditioned surrounding. My work is a form of dreamscapes, constituting abstract measures layered with specific meanings. In an imaginative interplay of exterior and interior/negative and positive space, I incorporate language, figures, masks, and realistic identifiable objects in my paintings to induce liminality. Dreaming and juxtaposing dream, is a social necessity. Abstraction acts as a tool to maintain fragments of information to be brought together. Dynamics of control and play are things that compel me to do my work. I present paint for its sensuality and tactility in a combination of forms, gestures, dreamlike drawings, to translate fragmented histories that assemble beyond realism. By channeling these interests, I navigate and reorganize politics in response to my own experiences as a Nepali woman living in the US through acts of painting, performance and installation, and fostering the feeling of unapologetic arrival.