Sara Kerr


Sara Kerr is an Australian artist dividing her time between San Francisco and Melbourne. She holds a Bachelor of Arts with honors in Philosophy from the University of Melbourne, a Masters in Philosophy from Stanford University and an MFA from Mills College. She is the recipient of the Jay DeFeo Award and a graduate fellowship at The Headlands Center for the Arts. Her work has been exhibited at Alter Space, Southern Exposure, The Headlands Center for the Arts, Ramon’s Tailor, CTRL SHFT, Root Division, Incline gallery and The Farmstand Gallery.

Artist Statement

The question that drives my work is: how do we measure time and how do our devices for measurement fail us? We are surrounded by clocks of all shapes and sizes and whilst a clock can tell us what time it is, it can’t tell us what time is itself, or what the passage of time feels like. How do we perceive and experience time? And how does our personal sense of time differ from clock-time? Investigating these questions has led, and continues to lead me in a number of directions, exploring photography, video, collage, installation and projects in between these mediums.

Selected Work

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