Nathan Suter

Co-Founder / Emeritus Board Member

Nathan co-founded BUILD in 2016. BUILD consults with businesses, organizations, and the public sector on strategy, leadership, culture, and change. We design and facilitate initiatives for our clients that qualitatively impact their current and future direction. We are experienced in organizational development, project planning, stakeholder engagement, communication, and meeting facilitation. BUILD operates with an intentional awareness of diversity and the social location of its team and those with whom it works. The impact of our work is concrete, significant, and durable. As Executive Director of Helen Day Art Center, a leading contemporary art organization in Vermont, he doubled the program offerings, engaged the next three generations of constituents, and advanced the stature of the community as a cultural destination. Strong relationships, strategic delegation, and board management all contributed to these successes. When Nathan co-founded Root Division, a thriving art and education nonprofit in San Francisco, he learned that the power of an idea and the collective energy of motivated people can create a great and lasting impact on multiple communities. Nathan and the team at Root Division leveraged an inclusive philosophy and built a change engine that runs on shared resources and relatively small capital. This nimble organization remains a leader in a rapidly changing Bay Area, fiercely holding space and changing the career trajectories of hundreds of artists, year after year. Nathan is Treasurer of the board at Peace & Justice Center in Burlington, Vermont where he has been a board member since 2011. In 2020 he joined the support board of Migrant Justice, also based in Vermont. Adversity for businesses and organizations are opportunities in disguise. Nathan’s experiences of resource scarcity, community driven progress, and advocating for social justice & equity inform his entrepreneurial approach to change moments.

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