Applying to Artist Residencies — Virtual

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This virtual workshop will provide guidance and insight on selecting artist residencies to apply for. Through presentations and group discussion, students will learn about different types of residencies, including materially-based or skill learning residencies (i.e. glass for non-glass artists), group residencies where artists come together to create work, performances, or events; remote/ low-residency options where you stay in place yet are connected virtually; short, local residencies that you pay for; and long residencies that are free.

We'll discuss how to research, compare, and select programs that fit your needs and practice, as well as tips for image selection, artist statements, and other application components. Whether you are currently working on an application or thinking about applying in the future, this workshop will help to demystify the application process and strengthen your submissions. Please note: this class will take place virtually over Zoom.


October 12th, 2023 from  6:00 PM to  8:00 PM
1131 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA 94103
United States
Phone: 415-863-7668
Tuition for 1 student $20.00
Tuition for 2 students $36.00
Tuition for 3 students $54.00
Tuition for 4 students $72.00
Tuition for 5 students $80.00
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Class Department Arts Education, Professional Development
Sessions 1
Instructor Mel Prest
Dates Thursday, October 12
Price $20
Time 6:00-8:00 pm
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