140 Characters

Venue: 1131 Mission Street

140 Characters examines the role of text-based art within contemporary society and its relationship to continually changing technologies and forms of communication. Text-based art is inherently in contrast between the explicit and the ambiguous; text conveys specific ideas while the ambiguity of language often leaves itself open to interpretation.

Curated by Lauren Etchells and Margaret Timbrell, this exhibition will explore the ways in which technology has altered modern language and communication. Various social media platforms allow participants to craft personal brands and find 24-hour audiences, which significantly affects the way we choose to communicate and take in information. This group exhibition questions how new technologies and various social media influence creative production, as well as highlight the ways in which we connect and communicate with one another. Although all inspired by text, the artwork presented in this exhibition highlights various forms of medium from video, installation, performance, sculpture and 2D work.

This exhibition's title was selected a year in advance of Twitter's updated policy, moving from 140 to 280 characters. This recent change highlights the platform's own shift in allowing for more information to be distributed per post. This change also signifies not only Twitter's, but various social media platforms, fast-paced and frequent changes to stay relevant and continually evolving for a stronger user experience.

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