Back to the Garden

Venue: 1131 Mission Street

Presented in conjunction with TASTE 2017, Root Division’s annual culinary event, Back to the Garden examines the ways in which artists create order, find inspiration, and craft identity through the natural sublime. From houseplants to well-manicured gardens and neighborhood parks, the natural world is consciously interwoven into our daily lives. Featuring work by sixteen Bay Area artists, this exhibition explores the motivations and methods by which human beings shape the natural world into a reflection of their identity, societal values, and projected ideals.

Participating Artists
Whitney Aguiniga
Natasha Carlos*
Hagit Cohen
Leeza Doreian
Kathryn Dunlevie
Claire Elliot
Mary Anne Kluth
Carrie Lederer
Dionne Lee
Cathy Lu**
Whitney Lynn**
Erin Mallea
Kelley O’Leary*
Elena Patino*
Ryan Richey
Saree Silverman*

*Root Division Studio Artist
**Root Division Alumni

Sound design by Tristan de Liège

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