Call for Artists: ISO Queer Gods & The Gods Sure Are Queer Vol. 2

Venue: 1131 Mission Street

Open Call for Artists: ISO Queer Gods & The Gods Sure Are Queer vol. 2

Curated by: Amy Cancelmo & billy ocallaghan

Deadline to Submit: February 15, 2016 (11:59 pm)

Exhibition Dates: June 8 – 25, 2016


Root Division invites queer artists working in all media to participate in a research based, call and response exhibition and zine project to be presented at Root Division in June of 2016.

ISO QUEER GODS & The Gods Sure Are Queer Volume 2, will feature up to 30 contemporary queer artists whose work mines historical religious iconography and responds to the diverse representations of homosexual, transgender and non-binary content which has been preserved through the mythology of world religion. This call is an opportunity for contemporary artists to engage with history and respond to their research with visual and textual content.  

This exhibition and publication offer the opportunity to look back and examine the preservation (and erasures) of queer representation through artifact and mythology, and to look forward to how these histories might manifest visually and conceptually in contemporary queer experience. This project is intended to broaden the horizons of the limited perspective of western religious iconography, and will ultimately be inclusive of a diverse roster of artists exploring a wide range of historical queer spiritual significance.

The exhibition, ISO Queer Gods, will feature up to 30 artists and will be presented in Root Division’s San Francisco gallery for the month of June as part of the National Queer Arts Festival.

The exhibition will be supplemented and expanded by an zine, The Gods Sure Are Queer Volume 2, that will include pages designed by exhibiting artists, and be distributed widely beyond the exhibition.  Each selected artist will be responsible for designing their own page, and including a brief textual and visual response to their selected historical reference.  The zine page is meant to be an exploration, and an educational tool.

Exhibiting artists will be featured in the final print copies, which will be compiled, printed, and hand-made by artist billy ocallaghan. All submissions will be featured in an online archive of the pages.  Each exhibiting artist will receive a copy of the zine, and supplementary copies of “pocket sized” and full sized zines will be available for sale during the course of the exhibition.


Submission requirements:


To complete your submission, please fill out this online submission form

2) EMAIL to containing all of the below:

  • STATEMENT: Please submit a brief statement outlining your research subject, and how you see it relating to the exhibition. (250 – 500 words)
  • IMAGES: Artists may submit up to four jpeg images of completed works. Video links can be hyperlinked in the submission form. Submitted work should be representative of your overall body of digital work. If you are proposing a new work, please send images of completed projects with your proposal.
  • ZINE PAGE: Artists should submit a single 8.5 x 11 pdf  with their initial proposal. This can be a digitally created file, or a scan of an analogue produced page. Higher resolution versions of the file will be necessary only if the artist is selected for the exhibition and zine. Pages should relate visually in some way to the artwork which is submitted for the exhibition (though does not have to be a reproduction of the work), and must be inclusive of some explanatory text briefly describing the research, and/or artist’s response to the research findings.  The page should be visually engaging, briefly informative, and reflect the artist’s visual and research based interest in the subject matter. Layout of the page is entirely the design of the artist.


Please note that the $10 fee must be on file by February 15th, 2016 for the email submission to be considered.

E-payment can be made via this page or by submitting a $10 check or money order made payable to Root Division, mailed to: Root Division, Attn: ISO Queer Gods, 1131 Mission St., San Francisco, CA 94103

Deadline for Submission: February 15th at 11:59 pm

Email submissions can be sent to submissions@rootdivision…


Submissions will also be accepted via USPS and can be mailed to:

Root Division, Attn: ISO Queer Gods, 1131 Mission St., San Francisco, CA 94103

If your submission is mailed, we prefer that all documents are saved as either word docs (.doc) or PDFs (.pdf) and burned to a CD with your images rather than printed.

Call 415.863.7668 or email Amy Cancelmo, Arts Program Director at with any questions.


Artists will be notified about inclusion by March 14, 2016.




For examples of a few potential subjects, and some initial research click here*:

*This list is just the beginning. We encourage artists to continue the research. If you’d like to add a resource to this list, please contact

For Volume 1 of The Gods Sure Are Queer, click here**

**Please note that the western, white, cisgendered, male, focus of Vol. 1 has been the impetus to create a more expansive and inclusive Vol. 2. Vol. 1 was produced by a single artist, who, dissatisfied with his own limited perspective and limited research, has elected to continue the series, and invites others to add to project and expand the dialogue. Vol. 2 will be compiled and produced by billy ocallaghan in both pocket edition and full size. These zines will be distributed widely including at art book fairs nationally.

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