Feast Your Eyes

Venue: 1131 Mission Street

Presented in conjunction with TASTE, Root Division's annual culinary event, Feast Your Eyes will feature artists whose work incorporates food as the core material to their process or as key subject matter. This exhibition will present work which explores the role of food as center in their artistic practice including, but not limited to, its ability to act as a connector, as a critique of production, consumption or cultural appropriation, or as a medium for abstracted processes.

Curated by Carolyn Tillie, this group exhibition will be presented in tandem with the release of her upcoming book, Feast Your Eyes: Edible Art from Apples to Zucchini, which explores the history of food as a raw material for various art forms, and also prepared food as edible, ephemeral work of art in its own right.

Feast Your Eyes will exhibit work that reflects this methodology – creating with, through and about food – resulting in various outcomes ranging from video, photography, installation, performance, two-dimensional work, sculpture and more.

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