Let Me Be a Witness

Venue: 1131 Mission Street

Let Me Be A Witness surveys eighteen artists whose practices reflect a wide array of what curator Stacey Goodman calls, “witness art.” Drawing inspiration from the traditional response of African-American church-goers’ call to testify, the work exhibited in Let Me Be A Witness reflects and reframes the concerns that emerge in response to contemporary, socio-political events.

With the rise of social media, the act of witnessing has become a catalyst for social change by utilizing technology to transform passive observers into engaged activists. Many of the works presented are research-based and documentary in nature, each attempting to unearth a new layer of objective truth and incite observer participation.

Let Me Be A Witness questions what takes place when an action or a statement transforms from invisible to visible through the process of making events or narratives known that may otherwise have remained silent or unseen. By avoiding propagandistic techniques and emphasizing nuance within the artwork, this exhibition introduces viewers to the social and factual context of various subject matters, while providing the context for further investigation.

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