Punk, Funk & The Absurd

Venue: 1131 Mission Street

Punk, Funk & The Absurd is a one night only performance event, which serves as the closing event for the exhibition, Funk Ain’t Dead.

Live performance whether musical, participatory, or multi-media offers engagement into the many facets and influences of Funk Art. By escaping a central definition of what “Funk” entails, this evening of performance presents diverse musical performances by Chaki, Sputnik and Swiftumz, as well as participatory performances by exhibiting artists, Joey Enos and Heesoo Kwon.

Punk, Funk & The Absurd will provide an alternative experience of our shared experiences of joy, color and the “hot, committed, bizarre and sensuous” elements of Funk Art. The immediacy of live and interactive performances in relationship to the exhibition offers additional explorations of the many individual and unique paths of Funk makers today.

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