Selling Your Art ONLINE — VIRTUAL

Instructor: Martha Zlatar

Sessions: 1

Dates: Tuesday, March 14

Time: 6:00-8:00 pm

Tuition: $20

Selling your art can already feel very daunting for many artists – and if you add to the equation the world of social media, online marketplaces, and online galleries, this whole process can feel even more overwhelming and confusing.

In this virtual 2-hour workshop you will learn:

  • The most common fears and misconceptions artists have about selling art online;
  • How the virtual world and social media are changing the art experience across-the-board from museums to individual artists;
  • How to build and nurture your mailing list so you create meaningful relationships that can lead to sales;
  • Learn about the key features that your website or online store needs to have in order to generate sales and grow your following;
  • How to create compelling content that tells your story and grabs your audience's attention in your email blasts and social media posts;
  • Marketing strategies used by artists who are successfully selling their art online

About Your Instructor: Martha has advised emerging and mid-career visual artists on realizing their artistic goals for the last 19 years. Martha’s passion for psychology, business, and the arts led her to launch ArtMatch, an art business and creativity coaching practice in San Francisco that supports creatives in becoming more “business savvy” and “professionals” in becoming more “creative”.

Please note: This course will take place virtually over Zoom.

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