Venue: 1131 Mission Street

At the center of SIMMER are the spaces, forms, and narratives that emerge through durational process. The artwork exhibited in this group exhibition encourages viewers to sit within the work, allowing materials and conclusions to unfold and reveal themselves over time.

The word “simmer” implies a transformation – an element on the brink of a major shift from its inherent properties after being stripped to its core components. The artwork exhibited reflects this alteration through emergent, intimate, and heavily process-driven practices.

The inspiration of SIMMER came from the deep desire to slow down the intake of information. The rate and channels at which information is distributed and digested is at its peak and continues to climb. This ongoing, rapid activity has left little room for extended reflection before the next round of receiving and in-taking begins. Although many of the works exhibited are minimal in nature and may not result in instant gratification, over time each reveals itself and its inherent complexity through various mediums and methods.

SIMMER is presented in conjunction with Root Division’s annual spring fundraiser, TASTE

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