Gather ‘Round

Erin Hupp, Mirror Portals: Shared Reflections at the Dinner Table, 2023, ceramics, mirror, metal, fabric, 32 x3 x 48 in.

Gather ‘Round

Presented in conjunction with TASTE, Root Division’s annual culinary event, Gather ‘Round, features thirteen artists who explore the rituals, traditions, and conversations surrounding the act of preparing and sharing food and knowledge. 

Works by Olive Couri, Lucy Stark, Claire Astrow, and Kate Goldstein exemplify the whimsical ways food and drink dance, flow, and gush. Transforming the dinner table into altars, Chanel Choranay Kim, Zachary Scholz, Dale Eastman, and Erin Hupp place precious objects at the forefront, denoting play and exploration as portals into stronger connections with place and belonging. The animated nature of all these works crescendos at the cross-section of celebration and reflection. 

Deeply influenced by their neighborhood traditions, Breno Aragon and Sarah McCarthy Grimm pay homage to front yard barbecues in overcast San Francisco and street vendors in the sunny streets of Rio de Janeiro. Although these relationships rely heavily on proximity and spontaneity, these intimate moments of exchange create a unique form of kinship and trust.

Utilizing darker tones and surrealist motifs, Kristen Wong, Celia Shaheen,  and Amanda Bristow delve into the question of what traditions we choose to archive and what is forgotten. They invite the viewer to explore the windows of waiting and anticipation arising from the dance of reciprocity.

The exhibition’s title, Gather ‘Round, is a colloquialism typically only used in speech. Both a command and invitation, this exhibition is meant to honor the cross-cultural approaches to coming together as family, friends, and a larger community. 

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Breno Aragon
Claire Astrow**
Amanda Bristow
Olive Couri
Dale Eastman
Kate Goldstein
Sarah McCarthy Grimm
Erin Hupp
Chanel Choranay Kim
Zachary Scholz
Celia Shaheen
Lucy Stark**
Kristen Wong

** RD Alum

Curated By

Janie Perez-Radler

Exhibition Dates

March 27- April 18, 2024

Second Saturday Reception

April 13, 2024 | 4-6 pm

Gallery Hours
Wednesday – Saturday from 2-6 PM
*Saturdays are appointment only

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