ME in a(ME)rica

Tamara Berdichevsky Ovseiovich, Dos Almas//Unreconciled Souls, 2016, photograph transfer on paper, 11×17 inches

ME in a(ME)rica

ME in a(ME)rica centers migrant voices that have been pushed to the margins within the narrative of the United States of America. Using painting, photography, immersive installation, social practice, and mixed media, participating artists reflect on the construction of culture, the places they inhabit, and how to reimagine belonging and exclusion in a critique of the so-called “American Dream.”

ME in a(ME)rica is an exploration of the cultural myths and truths of collective and individual migration journeys. The exhibition aims to deconstruct the oversimplified categories and labels imposed upon those who make such journeys, creating radical new narratives that center empowerment.

ME in a(ME)rica is curated by WEDAPEPO, a collective of conceptual, interdisciplinary, transnational artists, who seek a more inclusive definition of “America” and believe in art as a space for social change.

Second Saturday opening reception: July 8, 2023, 7-9pm



Exhibition Dates

July 7 – July 29, 2023

Second Saturday

July 8, 2023 | 7–9 pm

Gallery Hours
Wednesday – Saturday from 2-6 PM

Exhibiting artists

Chaitra Bangalore
Tamara Berdichevsky Ovseiovich*
shiloh burton
Chloe Cai
Irene Carvajal-Benavides
Luis Felipe Chávez
Häsler Gómez

Leyla Jamil Rzayeva
Ava Koohbor
Oscar Lopez-Guerrero
Nivedita Madigubba
Michael Martinez
Jasmine Mengjiao Zhang**
Monica Mohnot
Helia Pouyanfar

Yunfei Ren
Alexandru Salceanu
Jusun Seo
Rae Tweed
Vivian Vivas

*RD Staff
** RD Alumni

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