We hope you will support Root Division’s programming by making a charitable gift.

  • $ 50.00 Provides art supplies for 10 underserved students.
  • $ 150.00 Underwrites free art classes for one child for the entire school year.
  • $ 500.00 Subsidizes the studio of one of our volunteer artists for one month.
  • $ 1,000.00 Sustains key teacher training and professional development for artists.
  • $ 2,500.00 Invests in new technology for our Digital Lab and Fabrication Shop.
  • $ 5,000.00 Funds a Studio Fellowship for an aspiring artist.

In 2002, our founders planted seeds of opportunity, service, and creativity. As we approach our 15th year of being an anchor for artists and a beacon for the community, we are excited to share how - with your help - that seed has grown into an organization with strong roots and blossoming branches of togetherness, inclusivity, and connectivity.

In the past year we successfully completed our renovations at 1131 Mission Street, creating discounted studio space for a total of 31 artists in our unique incubator model and harnessing over 3,600 hours of volunteer service for some of San Francisco’s neighborhoods in greatest need. We provided free art classes to 800 youth in eight after school programs; offered opportunities to be creative to 500 adults; showcased the work of more than 350 artists; hosted over 8,000 visitors; and partnered with 100 local businesses.

We’ve had a busy year developing our new home as a bustling center for art and arts education in the heart of San Francisco. Now more than ever, we are charged with reasserting our values in using the power of art to make our neighborhood, our city, our region, our country, our world a better place.

As we look forward to 2017, we hope you will support Root Division by making a charitable gift. Your contribution will take Root Division to the next level in doing what we do best — empower artists, foster community service, inspire youth & engage voices through the visual arts.

Thank you!
Michelle Mansour, Executive Director
& the Root Division Team

* Many companies will match employee contributions, so contact us if you believe your place of work will match your charitable gift.