I am a San Francisco based artist, originally from San Diego, California. I studied painting at Santa Clara University and Syracuse University- Florence and have shown my oil paintings in various shows in California, Italy and Greece. In addition to painting, I also studied Mathematics at Santa Clara University. For me, mathematics and painting are similar in the sense that they are both mediums to pursue abstract ways of thinking. I am primarily interested in combining images of decay with expansive spaces to talk about the impermanence of life and what that means when examining the human experience.

Artist Statement: 
I use images of decay talk about the ephemerality of human life. Like the decay portrayed in my paintings, our own existence is temporary, however we possess the ability to perceive the infinite, something beyond our own existence. I use realistic and abstract layers, dripping paint, light washes and palette knifing to give the paintings a fleeting quality. The resulting imagery is intended to appear as both existent and nonexistent, somewhere between temporary and infinite. Our impermanence gives our lives value and our ability to perceive something beyond ourselves gives our lives meaning. The space between describes the human experience.