Eva Enriquez


Eva Enriquez grew up in Madrid, Spain. She holds a BFA with a minor in Theatre from University of Hawaii at Manoa, Hawaii. She lives and works as teaching artist in San Francisco.

Artist Statement

Spanish culture and its unique forms of social relationships is the root of my artwork. In Spain, everyday life is full of meaningful interactions with family, friends, strangers and its surrounding environments. Those interactions with people and environment become a source of knowledge and contribute to develop a sense of place. Being distant from such everyday experiences, my artwork has become a way of linking with cultural roots and an avenue to connect with new and vast communities.‚ÄčThis work involves participatory interactions with audiences and site-specific material production incorporating social and environmental aspects of my surroundings. As I develop my practice I find essential to establish a relationship with the younger generations through education. My goal is to facilitate the process of developing a sense of place. I called this process social weaving.

Selected Work

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