Matthew Floriani


Oakland based artist Matthew Adam Floriani has been honoring his skills in painting and drawing for the past ten years. Originally a large scale studio painter, Matthew has blended his studies focusing on walls as his main area of attraction and creation for murals. Matthew uses the dynamic of the communities surrounding his site-specific pieces to create thoughtful and meaningful murals that relate not only to the people of those communities, but also the histories of those public arenas.

Artist Statement

My recent paintings delve into notions of family, loss, connectivity, and community. These life-sized pieces convey multiple levels of human emotion. They are rendered to evoke a sense of discomfort and domesticity through the use of displaced childhood objects and melancholy expressions and postures. These states of order and chaos are simultaneously present in each piece to convey vulnerability in the place I find most safe

Selected Work

Familial soup
Familial soup
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