Ruxue Zhang


Ruxue Zhang was born in Wenzhou, a river city in the south of China, in 1992. She graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing (BFA, 2015), and California College of the Arts (MFA, 2018). Her oil paintings explore ways of seeing and capture sublime moments in life and the universe.

Artist Statement

I spend a lot of time looking at images of outer space—movies, photographs--and also looking at outer space itself, although at a great distance, by looking through telescopes. I paint representations of outer space and the vastness of the universe which symbolize the anxiety of the unknown. It is my process of translation, both as an artist and as a foreigner.I print out photos of universe and stick them on my studio wall. These photos make me think how I really observe these things. I am not looking at outer space. I am looking at photos of outer space.

Selected Work

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