Salome El grew up in Atlanta, Georgia, but in the last five years grew in to herself in the Bay Area. She earned a BFA in photography at the Academy of Art University in 2016. El enjoys working with her hands and made a point to learn traditional techniques like relief printing and dark room printing during her time in college. Her time spent at Root Division will be used to explore different mediums and how they can be applied to her body of work.

Artist Statement: 
"Memories. The kind you want to hide from. The kind that you don't talk to anyone about, that you try to run away from, that you try to lock up in the back of your mind. They show up as thoughts running 'round and 'round trying to force you to embrace them and confront them. And once you do they promise to go away. But they'll surely...come back..." This collection of images was created to illustrate a chase in which the figure in black is following the figure in white to locations the figure in white was previously. The figure in white represents that of my past thoughts and depression while the figure in black is my present self trying to confront those thoughts and emotions I once had. This series was a way to examine past emotions and thoughts creating a bridge between my past and present selves.