Zach Searcy


Zach Searcy is a mixed media artist from Knoxville, TN. Searcy has been featured extensively throughout the Southeast, NEXT Gallery in Denver, CO, the William King Museum of art, and has served as juror of The Dogwood Art’s Festival. A self trained artist, Searcy opened and curated a gallery space in Knoxville to encourage growth within the local art community by showing local and national artists. Searcy curated a wide range range of programming that spanned contemporary painting, sound art, and film by hosting the Big Ears Documentary Project. Now residing in San Francisco, Searcy works in the space between painting and sculpture.

Artist Statement

I create mixed media work with paint, resin, and found materials that explore the painting as an object. The paintings maneuver through all axes, and shared space is emphasized as compositions spill over the sides or towards the viewer. My work explores systems and their exposure of human pliability. Materials and textures become fixed in a way that the paintings are actualized as a thing that can be held or touched - a reminder that you are in fact right here.

Selected Work

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