Josie Licavoli:

self portrait with archie, 2023, oil on canvas, 18 x 24 inches

Josie Licavoli: PAMANA

The Frank-Ratchye Project Space is excited to present PAMANA, a new exhibition by studio artist Josie Licavoli (she/her).

PAMANA is an exploration of Filipino heritage and diaspora through the lens of artist Josie Licavoli. Meaning “heritage” in Tagalog, PAMANA presents a collection of works created over the past year, each offering a deeply personal and introspective reflection on the multifaceted experiences of the Filipino diaspora, particularly in a queer female perspective. Central to the exhibition is Licavoli’s celebration of brown bodies as vessels of strength, beauty, and cultural significance. Each piece serves as a testament to the richness of Filipino identity and the enduring spirit of its people. Through nuanced portrayals and symbolic imagery, Licavoli invites viewers to embrace their own heritage and reclaim agency over their narratives. PAMANA also delves into the complexities of representation and identity, including the subversion of the white male gaze. Drawing inspiration from the works of Paul Gauguin, Licavoli confronts colonial legacies and challenges traditional narratives, offering a fresh perspective on Filipino identity and empowerment.

Second Saturday Reception

June 8, 2024 | 6-8 PM

Exhibition Dates

June 7 – 26, 2024

Gallery Hours
Wednesday – Saturday from 2-6 PM
Saturday by appointment only



Josie Licavoli, a multimedia artist and educator from the Bay Area, explores diverse cultural identities, drawing from her mixed-race heritage. Inspired by San Francisco, the California coast, and various art forms such as music and literature, her work delves into human experiences, merging personal introspection with collective knowledge. Josie’s art bridges private and public realms, inviting viewers to engage with the rich tapestry of Filipino and American culture, fostering connection and dialogue.

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