Joshua Solis is an Hispanic sculptural and installation artist from Santa Maria, CA. Solis is a second generation immigrant and is the first in his family with a college education. He was raised Catholic and inculcated his parents’ cultural values and traditions. He earned an MFA in Sculpture at San Francisco State University in 2017. With pride, Solis exclaims,"I embrace my past which has guided me, step by step, into the artist I am today."

Artist Statement: 
My practice is interdisciplinary, including drawing, painting, sculpture, installation, photography, video projections, and performance. I approach medium and materials according to their formal and conceptual significance. Currently, I have been selecting material that has a crucial significance with my past memories. The act of making, cutting, twisting, tearing, wrapping, heating, burning, and/or banging provide me with a sense of healing and acceptance. These labor intensive and destructive processes that are associated with violence or torture have allowed my memories to be reawakened and amplified.