Joshua Solis


I am hispanic, born in December 27, 1978, from Santa Maria, CA, second generation in the US, first-generation with a college education. I was raised Catholic and was inculcated my parents’ cultural values and traditions. In Spring of 2017, I was able to achieve the degree of MASTER OF FINE ART in Sculpture at San Francisco State University, San Francisco, California. I now say with pride; I embrace my past which has guided me, step by step, into the artist I am today.

Artist Statement

My practice is Interdisciplinary, including drawing, painting, sculpture, installation, photography, video projections, and performance. I approach medium and materials according to their formal and conceptual significance. Currently, it is crucial to me that the materials I select be ones that trigger memories of my past. The acts of making, cutting, twisting, tearing, wrapping, heating, burning, and/or banging provide me with a sense of healing and acceptance: These labor intensive acts that could be associated with violence or even torture have allowed many of those brief past memories, which had faded away, to awaken.

Selected Work

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