Kacy Jung is a Taiwanese visual artist working with digital photography and ceramic sculpture. Her work has been shown in galleries and museums internationally, including the United States and Taiwan. She is the acceptant of 2016 Harlan Jackson Diversity Scholarship and the 2018 SFAI nominees of Graduate Fellowship at Headlands Center for the Arts and the 2018 SFAI nominees of International Sculpture Center Student Award. She received MFA in photography at San Francisco Art Institute after an MS in biology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She currently lives in San Francisco.

Artist Statement: 
Through photography and mixed-media sculpture, I investigate the way identity is constructed and reassembled during the process of socialization. One of my focuses is the relationship between an individual and the current capitalist society we are living in. More specifically, I am interested in exploring the delusional process where capitalism system implants the ideology into an individual and shape our community as a whole. My current works are a series of self-portrait and quirky sculptures of everyday objects such as mobile phones that inspired by my struggles of living in a capitalist society. The subject is usually intertwined with my immigrant experience and the anxiety of being part of the disappearing middle class. With which I intend to intrigue viewers' own experience and internal dialogue: what is this system becoming now? What are the American dreams we believe?